Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Tuesday Drive

 I am amazed by the huge numbers of Canada Geese that reside in and near Denver. There are fields of them out in the country, and in the city they find every pond and sports field and park to gather in. This is a typical 'convention' of geese. Maybe they're having church!

 We intended to tour the "Four Mile Historic Park" in Denver, but it was closed. We could only take pictures through the fence. The building in the picture is the oldest standing structure in Denver, built in 1859. I can't wait to go back on a day it's open! There is even a small barnyard with farm critters to pet.

 We're always driving past intriguing buildings. These twins caught our interest. I think they are office buildings.

 No, this is not the sun setting! It's the Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Assumption, very magnificent — another fascinating Denver structure.

 For my daughter Jessi...
As we drove once again through the old Lowry Air Force Base we saw the Jackie Robinson Field. There are several baseball diamonds there. This one, we noticed as we passed around the other side of the building, was jammed up with more Canada Geese. Maybe they were waiting to hear, "Play ball!"

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Char said...

The geese seem to have "adopted" a good share of the parks in the west. As a farm girl, I am used to "watching where I walk," and it's sure a necessity around those critters.
PS I went to grad school in Denver -- I really liked that town!