Wednesday, January 26, 2011

One Humongous Pancake!

 I'm posting these pictures of the critters we are feeding because I didn't get a picture of the amazing dining experience we had this morning for ourselves! I'll tell about that further down. I love this picture of the bunny and the sparrows eating together. They don't seem to mind each other and are sharing the birdseed with doves and starlings, too. I wish all critters, human, too, could share like that.

 This cottonwood is right outside my bedroom window and computer desk. I'm able to sneakily photograph the birds eating the seed I put in the crook of the tree. These are sparrows, but the starlings also come, and once I saw a hairy woodpecker here.

One little squirrel likes this spot, too. I've put peanuts and apple cores out for him.

Now for our dining experience! Mr. Keith asked if we could go out for breakfast this morning. Since we're out on the Colorado prairie, restaurants are not too plentiful. We decided to go 5 miles east to Byers to see if they had a likely looking restaurant. They did, the only one in town. It was called the Country Burger. Entering, we saw groups of men in cowboy hats and boots or baseball caps with their ranching clothes. "Hmmm! This must be the place", we said to each other. Mr. Keith loves pancakes, so, even though the menu stated the pancake was really big, he ordered one anyway. When it came, our eyes popped out. The pancake was on a 12 inch pizza plate, and it was hanging over the edges, easily 14 inches across! We couldn't believe our eyes! I noticed the man in the booth next to us was laughing. He was a local who knew the pancake size and had specifically asked for a "small" one for himself. He showed us his, about 8 inches across. In addition, the meal included a large hashbrown and 2 big sausage patties. Well, Mr. Keith managed to eat 1/4 of the pancake. I didn't help him, as I had all I could handle with my french toast and bacon.  The waitress got quite a kick out of our reaction. We told her we worked at the Strasburg KOA and we'd tell everyone about this restaurant. What an experience! We'll go back, but we won't order a pancake again without asking for a small one!


BaseballGrrl said...

Remember our giant pancake story that year Crystal went with us to Jellystone? The waiter/ cook didn't want to give it to such a little girl. :)

Ann said...

Yes, I was telling Keith about that while he was eating! It sticks in our memory!

Unknown said...

I loved this story. Next time you should both be able to order a small pancake and still have plenty.

Anonymous said...

Mmmm... pancake!