Monday, March 16, 2015

Missoula Trails

 One activity I've missed desperately since osteoarthritis set in was walking for miles. But now, with a new hip, I'm back out there hiking with hubby, little by little. Missoula has many trails around town, mostly fairly level, which I need for now. The Clark Fork Trail goes along the river on both sides of the city. Here we found a creek that is running into the river. It must be even prettier when the leaves are on the trees.

Okay, hang up the cane and pose!

At the KOA office I found a magazine featuring all the hiking, biking and horse back riding trails in the area. We tried the one by the old Fort and came upon this well kept military cemetery.

A portion of the 1 1/2 mile trail. The fields and trees are still very brown, soon to be green again in a few weeks.

My favorite trail so far is this one, the McClay Flats Trail, along the Bitterroot River west of town. The bench is so very inviting!

I love this strange Ponderosa tree along the route. It's difficult to tell if it's 4 separate trees or one tree that somehow got divided a short way up the trunk.

So peaceful!

Walking here is easy on the feet, as the trail is cushioned with pine needles.

We were intrigued with this creek, or canal. The ice shelf was actually several feet above the water. I'm not sure how that happens. We found the same thing in the photo below.

This trail, the Tower Street Trail, goes along the Clark Fork. The ice we found here is, again, several feet above the surface of the river and the bank. Beware to anyone who might step out on that shelf! They would find themselves in some very cold water! As the days go by I find myself feeling stronger, needing my cane much less, and more than ready to try other trails around the city, even ones that take us uphill and down! Are you ready, Mr. Keith?