Monday, January 7, 2013


 Coming home from a visit to my childhood town and school we took the back roads, our habit to avoid the freeway. On my iPad map I found a road just north of Centralia called the Bucoda Hwy, so off we went. It was out in the country, pretty much, with trees lining the route. Imagine our surprise when we came across these strange critters, contentedly munching away in their pretty pasture.

 We've been around lots of buffalo in our workamping jobs in South Dakota and in Wyoming, but these guys looked really spooky with their white faces. It looked like they had masks on.

 Mr. Keith tried to get them to look up for their portraits, but they were too busy working away at their lunch.

 The bodies really do look like buffalo bodies, and the horns are almost the same.

The owners were out in the field so we asked what these attractive animals are, and, as we thought, they are beefalo, a cross between a domestic bull and a female buffalo. They are mainly raised for meat, but the kind folks who own this particular herd have them for pets. They are certainly eye-catchers. We're glad we took this back road. We never know what we might find!

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