Friday, December 18, 2009

The Lighthouse

 One of the main reasons we believed we were to stay in Wenatchee for the winter was to help with a new ministry to the homeless, recovering addicts, and other needy people. Our friend Bob leased this building, in awful shape to start with. In this photo you see the shell. The partial wall to the right was removed by Bob and his son.

Here's the same view, mostly finished, with a stage for musical groups. There will also be a soup kitchen, and Bible studies every day.

The outside of the building, a former tavern. It was actually called "The Lighthouse Tavern"!

A lighthouse painted on the front window! We're already having a Bible study here, and the grand opening will be December 18, with 2 Christian rock bands performing on the new stage. It's going to be an exciting ministry, put together by God!

Check out the website:

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A memory from childhood

This photo of my granddaughter, taken by her aunt and stolen by me from my daughter's Facebook page, reminds me of something I used to love doing as a child. We lived on a farm, and of course in those days we made our own entertainment. I would make little teepees from construction paper. It's simple—you cut out a circle, any size you want,
cut it in half, and fold the paper to make 2 teepees. More circles, more teepees. I would get some kind of tray, cardboard or otherwise, fill it with dirt, then gather pieces of moss, twigs and little branches and put them in place beside the teepees to make trees and bushes. A tiny mirror made a great little lake, and tin foil would look like a stream. Pathways were pressed into the soil with my fingers, and I would add a few rocks and whatever else I could imagine. Voila! I had a great Indian village, good for hours of fun!