Saturday, January 22, 2011

Goin' Fishin'

 We picked a good day to go to the Downtown Aquarium in Denver, since it was snowy and very cold and we didn't want to be outside. This edifice is huge, holding tons and tons of water and fishes. It was expensive to get in, even with the senior discount, but well worth the money and the time.

 Most of our photos of the fish didn't turn out because the fish wouldn't hold still and pose while we clicked away! Some did, however, so we got a few good shots. I didn't have a pen and paper to write down the names, and my memory fails me.

 This is one gorgeous guy! Or gal?

 We were so amused by this critter, who was sticking to the glass wall of his enclosure so that we could see his underside. His real eyes are on the top of him, but whatever this is, it sure looks like a cute little face!

 Can you spot Nemo in this photo? I saw the movie with Nemo the clown fish living inside the anemone. It was fun to see the real thing! 
(Click to enlarge.)

Believe it or not, there was a tiger at the Aquarium! He wouldn't hold still, either, but Keith did get a pretty good photo of part of him. 

 We ate at a lovely restaurant inside the Aquarium. The entire place was lined with huge tanks full of fish so that we could watch them while we dined. This photo isn't the greatest but you can see that our table was right up against the glass where we could see lots of big fish swimming by. We didn't have the heart to order fish to eat while we watched live ones, so I had chicken and bacon on a croissant, and Mr. Keith had a Reuben sandwich. Yum!

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Anonymous said...

I remember visiting the Seattle Aquarium, and getting a big laugh out of a little boy, maybe 4-5 years old, who was standing in front of the "big" tank there. He was pressed up against the glass, and there were sharks and other fish as big or bigger than he was swimming right past his face.

He squealed, pointed and turned to his father and said, "Daddy, look! A STARFISH!"

It was like those immense fish were just too big to register, and he zeroed in on the little starfish clinging motionless to the bottom of the tank.