Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Missoula to Rexburg

It was with some sadness that we left Missoula on September 24, but also great excitement for the next adventure. You can barely see the "M" on the hill above the city, the white speck just to the right of the 5th wheel. We've loved our time in Missoula.

We drove 300 miles to our first stop in Rexburg Idaho to visit Keith's uncle and aunt. I couldn't resist this picture behind our RV park, an old truck in a wooded area.

 We were treated to a whole day of reminiscing for Keith. He spent his high school years in Rexburg, 1955-1957, living with an older uncle where he did ranch work besides his schooling. In this photo we see Keith in the center, his youngest uncle and his aunt on the right, and a cousin and her husband on the left. Keith had not seen these relatives for about 50 years.

 We took a drive up into some buttes west of Rexburg and were surprised to find an elk farm. These elk were standing in the sprinklers, seeming to enjoy themselves keeping cool! In the background you can barely see the Tetons from the west side. This part of Idaho is much like eastern Washington with miles and miles of scab land and sagebrush. Here, though, there is no volcano in evidence that might have caused all the lava everywhere.

 Rexburg is a thoroughly Mormon town with its own temple and a 4 year university named BYU Rexburg. The regular population is about 15,000, and swells to 30,000 when the students are in residence. The town holds blocks and blocks of dormitories for the students.

And last but not least, here is Keith in front of his old high school where he was student body president in his senior year. The school is now a middle school but is slated to be torn down after this school year. New buildings have been constructed west of town. It was good timing for him to be able to see it one last time.

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