Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Black Bear!

We spend a lot of time on our drives looking for deer and other critters. We've never seen a black bear out in the wild, however. Imagine our surprise, as we were driving back to Missoula the other day, to see a bear running across a cultivated field right by the freeway, I-90! He (or she) was trying to find a way through the barbed wire fence, which would have put him right up on the freeway.

Here he is, going up the bank of an irrigation canal which runs under the road. He jumped in, and we expected to see him come out on the other side.

The way must have been blocked, because he surfaced where he'd gone in, and he climbed back out. The last we saw, he'd run back across the field toward the little town you can see in the first photo. Hopefully the residents there will treat him kindly until he finds his way back to the forest.

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