Saturday, September 4, 2010

A deer! A deer!

We've enjoyed the abundant deer in the Missoula valley, both out in the wild and in the residential areas. They seem to have no fear! This one was up the Petty Creek Road, the type of narrow, gravel road we seem to be attracted to explore.

A beautiful canyon right north of the freeway called the Rattlesnake is home to many deer, and also home to a large neighborhood of people. The deer like to camp out in yards and again, have no fear of passing motorists. This photo shows a deer right in a front yard, looking at us with unconcern. We saw several fawns out with their mothers, too.

This lady had just exited someone's back yard across the street. She didn't mind our curiosity. Most of the residents enjoy having wildlife in their yards. Many have protected their desired plantings, but seem to give the deer free reign otherwise.

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