Thursday, March 19, 2009

Travelin' On

We've been parked for 2 months in our friends' backyard. We kind of slipped into this spot and were not able to get level because the ground was so icy and snowy, so here we stayed. We worried about whether the ground would get dry enough for us to get out when it was time. Well, after getting everything ready and hooking up, we started the truck and began to pull. We got about 6 feet before BigTruk's wheels started spinning, and then we had a serious mudhole. First we tried another pick-up pulling BigTruk, but his wheels spun, too, making more mudholes. Then we called in the big guns, this farm tractor! He easily pulled BigTruk and and the 5th wheel right across the slippery, grassy yard, and we were on our way!

The downside of RVing is that we meet wonderful people that we always want to be around....and then we have to say "good-bye. What a joy to be able to visit these dear friends, friends for life whether or not we get to see them again.

Our Alfa traveling about 20 miles an hour down the dirt roads leading to the highway. It was kind of sad saying good-bye to the prairie.

An exciting moment, the Black Hills coming into sight once more. This is near Hot Springs SD. I have not yet ceased to be amazed as I watch all our earthly possessions going down the highway. I am thankful to God that He allows us to continue this wonderful, simple, exciting life-style, going from place to place like a couple of old gypsies, or is it a couple of old hippies!!

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Char said...

Hi Ann -- It does my heart good to know you are on the road again! We've been here in California almost a month with another month to go and I am already getting a bit restless.
Blessings on you as your travel to your next gig!