Saturday, March 21, 2009

Back to the Black Hills

The Black Hills in the last days of wintertime is a new experience for us. We're used to the summer season. We came across this buffalo on Highway 36. He looked a little thinner than the summer crop.

Now here is something we never expected to see. We're used to the Custer State Park burros crowding around cars and begging for snacks, but we've only seen the mountain goats from more of a distance. We stopped to take pictures of a group of them along the highway and to our great surprise this one came right up to the car window and asked for a treat!

The signs say "Do not feed the wild animals" but I confess we were naughty and couldn't resist this one. We had some garlic wheat thins and only gave the goat a couple. She loved them! She was so amazing!

Here I am in a rock cranny below "the needle" on the Needles Highway. I think I am pointing to a jet-stream in the sky.

Last but not least, this is our favorite shop in Keystone. We didn't expect it to be open in the off season, but it was, and we got our wonderful treat, 2 pounds of freshly made taffy. The Black Hills were busy today as there was lots of sunshine. Many visitors were at Mt. Rushmore, though nothing like the summer. The atmosphere was friendly.


Char said...

Naughty, naughty! Loved the pictures of the goats.Sounds like you had a lovely trip.

Bob and Sharon....Rving Millers said...

Hi Ann,

Bob and I will be back in Mt. Rushmore area for the summer, would you be interested in getting together? You had viewed our blog last year and we were in SD at the same time. Are you going back to the RooRanch?