Monday, March 9, 2009

Nebraska cattle & other interesting stuff

We had quite a treat last night when we looked out our window and saw these creatures looking in at us! This is a small part of a very large herd, and they had never come this close before. It was almost dark, so the photo isn't too clear. I took it from inside the 5th wheel and when I ventured outside for a closer view they all thundered loudly away. Guess they aren't that used to people! There is a heavy frost on the ground, prior to more snow falling.

I love old "ghost" farms. This one is on the road to Rushville NE. Makes me wonder about the family who lived here and what happened to cause them to abandon the place.

I couldn't resist this ranch sign near Chadron NE. It says "Half-Ass Ranch"! I wonder what they raise there! (Click on the photo to enlarge.)

Are there dinosaurs in Nebraska? Or is this a giant mosquito?

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Great pictures

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