Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Memories of Leaving Colorado

These photos have lain idly waiting for some narration for a long time. Even though this event was in 2016 I can still remember the details. We had a winter job at the La Junta Colorado KOA 2015-2016. It was our last job together before Mr. Keith passed away in 2020 so it holds special memories. In this photo the snow is gone, it's April, and we are getting ready to leave for Montana and my summer job at the Missoula KOA as a single workamper.

A great photo of these 2 old coots, as they liked to describe themselves. Kenny lived alone in his motorhome at the KOA. He walked daily to try to stave off his COPD and to keep healthy. He had led a rugged life in southern Colorado before becoming disabled. He looks like a mountain man! Kenny had recently turned to faith in God and frequently picked Mr. Keith's brain for spiritual help and advice. They helped each other. His parting gift to us was a beautiful jeweled cross wall hanging. I have it still.

Back on the road again, heading north through Colorado and Nebraska on highway 70 and then to Rapid City where we needed to renew our driver's licenses, as South Dakota is our state of residence. I remember thinking how beautiful the prairies are in spring, though seeming desolate sometimes. I also knew this would probably be our last trip in our home on wheels as I knew Mr. Keith wouldn't be able to work any longer as he fought cancer, let alone maneuver the 5th wheel. So we enjoyed every mile. I am following behind in my little Focus (and taking pictures) as Keith hauls our house down the highway.

Of course we had to visit Bear Country USA, our very first workamping job in 2005, and where we returned in the summers of 2006 and 2008. Even though it had been 8 years since our last summer there, some of the current employees recognized us! We saw bears, bears, and more bears as well as the myriad of other animals residing there! What memories it brought back as we drove through where the big animals are and then parked to walk through Babyland, for small animals and everyone's favorite, the bear cubs.

The foxes were always some of my special critters when we worked there, and now we saw the descendants of those we'd enjoyed feeding back then.

A trip to the Black Hills is not complete without a drive through the winding, narrow roads leading to "The Eye of the Needle". The tunnels and roads here are amazing and beautiful.

Of course, Mt. Rushmore! We always enjoyed this sneak peak of President Washington.

A favorite stop of ours has always been the Buffalo, Wyoming KOA. We always thought we'd have loved to have worked there. It's early enough in the spring for the trees to still be bare.

Downtown Buffalo. I couldn't help but think of the TV show we loved "Longmire", which is supposed to take place here. It's filmed elsewhere but the town capitalizes on the fame with headquarters for fans.

Well, these are the only photos I found languishing waiting for me to describe our memories. I hope to go back to some of our thousands of photos and make some more writings about our adventures prior to 2008 when I began my blog. Mr. Keith's passing has left a huge hole in my life, but what incomparable times we had in our RVing and workamping years. I wouldn't have traded it for anything! Thank you, Mr. Keith!

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