Friday, March 20, 2020

First Spring Walk

 I was rarin' to go on my first Spring walk today. Mr. Keith had a Hospice volunteer ready to sit with him for 2-3 hours so I could get out by myself, an unheard of treat. Our favorite thing to do is take hikes around Missoula, but his cancer has taken its toll and he can no longer do the brisk walks we formerly loved. I chose McClay Flats, one of our most favored trails. I've always loved this ponderosa. It's difficult to tell whether one tree has four trunks, or whether it is four trees vying for the same piece of ground.

 How many times have I taken this picture, I wonder? It's always beautiful in any season. The Bitterroot River is especially low this time of year.

 This is a first! I saw lots of dogs walking their owners today, but from a slight distance these "dogs" appeared to have horns! The young couple agreed to let me take their picture. The gal said they are training their pets to be pack goats. They indeed walked very nicely on their leashes.

 The buttercup is always the first Spring flower. I wasn't disappointed to spot several of these beauties nestled in the dry grass.

Last Spring we had a terrific flood in the Bitterroot Valley and beyond. You can see in the photo how high the water came and how it washed away quite a bit of ground. This lone ponderosa almost succumbed to the chilling, raging torrent and seems to still be holding on for dear life.
I am happy to once again be able to contribute to my neglected blog. I hope I have many more opportunities to share my photos and experiences.

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