Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I put up a picture on an earlier post of a taffy shop in Keystone SD where we stopped often to enjoy our favorite candy in the Black Hills. Now we have found, and visited twice, a shop that sells 58 kinds of licorice, in Arlee MT, which is about 25 miles from Missoula on the highway to Glacier Nat'l Park. Great licorice, so much to choose from! OOh! Black teeth!

We continue to look for the biggest "doodoos". Traffic was busy on this highway to Glacier, slowed by much construction, so we couldn't stop and get out to holler in this doodoo.

We couldn't figure out why this edifice was right here. Doesn't seem to make sense. We thought maybe it was going to be one of those overpasses for animals that we've been hearing about. Somehow they get the critters to cross the highway on the overpass instead of risking their lives on the road. Maybe that's what this is, still lacking the fill on the side where you see the cars. Just a guess.

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Melonie said...

I love looking at your pictures, especially now that we're about to move to MT! Maybe we'll get to try that licorice someday! :)