Thursday, April 9, 2009

Butte, Montana

Here is another road view of our home going down the road. This is near Big Timber, Montana, with the Absaroka Mountains in the distance.

Butte, a fascinating city—once the "Richest Hill on Earth". Butte produced more mineral wealth than any other mining district in the world up to middle of the 20th century. The people there had more wealth per citizen than any other place on earth up to that time. You can tell the former wealth by street after street of mansions and very fancy homes, and a business district with huge brick buildings block after block. The sad thing is that most of these homes and buildings are in bad repair, many abandoned. It's still a very busy place in many respects but also has the feel of a ghost town in other ways.

This is the Copper King Mansion, owned by the wealthiest man of all. It's now a bed and breakfast.

I love this one, too. These are on the National Register of Historic Places.

Just for fun—many of the old houses have been restored and given a distinct personality.

The Berkeley Pit. It's filling with water so you can't see how deep it really is. It's been abandoned for mining since 1982.

I couldn't resist this — 2 dogs watching me take pictures.


Unknown said...

Hi! My name is Mike. I'm a friend of Rik's going way back to Vancouver. I've been living in Butte for the last few years (my apartment building is a block away from the Copper King mansion, towards the direction of the pink duplex)and I felt the same way about this city the first time I came through. Its been built up and beat down by history over and over and it shows. Still, its got a uniqueness that calls people here for the experience of living life in the midst of fading opulence. Glad you stopped in and saw the real Butte.

Ann said...

Thanks, Mike. Are you the Mike who recently visited with Rik? Thank you for looking at my blog! Hope you'll come again!

Unknown said...

I am he. I had a good visit with Rik and look forward to seeing him again soon!