Wednesday, December 24, 2008


A very Merry Christmas to all our family, friends and fellow RVers! We wish you God's blessings in the new year. I'm reflecting this Christmas how important family is to all of us, especially when we can't be with children and grandchildren on this special day. Our job near Deadwood is half over, only 3 months to go, then we're off to Missoula Montana for the spring and summer, working at the KOA there. We're excited about that, and hoping to get to see the kids between jobs.

Here is our Christmas tree and nativity scene. I did find a small space where they would fit. All RVers know the space problem! You can see the snow scene out the window.

We had a little adventure the other day. I went over to the office building at 2:00 to give a bottle to Smores, our little swamp wallaby youngster. Entering the building, I smelled a smell I hadn't smelled in there before, kinda like smoke, or electrical stuff. After the bottle, I got Keith and we went up to the attic where the furnace was located. Sure enough, there were flames in there about 2 feet high. I threw off my jacket so Keith could begin smothering the fire, then made 8 or 10 frantic trips up treacherous steps with buckets of snow. He stomped the fire as best he could while I called the owners, who came home in about 10 minutes. They got the fire department out here and all was well at last. The furnace will be replaced, along with my charred and lumpy jacket! God was with us that day, as always. We could see Him in the small details of the events. So many times there are circumstances that only God could plan, and that can't be explained in any other way. Smores could easily have gone without his 2:00 bottle. It's only pedialyte, used to help keep him tame. The person who was supposed to feed him that day was gone. We were substituting. If we hadn't been, the whole building would have erupted in flames before we'd have seen it. We're so thankful it turned out well for everyone, including the small animals in that building!

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Pat Collum said...

THE UNSAVED WORLD thinks that things just happen. Not So!!!! for those of us who have Jesus as our Saviour, He is forever doing such wonderful things for us. His timing is marvelous. Thank you God that you were there at the time Keith and Ann needed you most. He is soooo faithful!!