Thursday, August 28, 2008

White Buffalo

Here is a photo of a rare, white buffalo born at Bear Country last spring. He attracts quite a bit of attention from our visitors.

From Wikipedia, "American buffalo (technically bison) are normally brown in color. Rarely, white buffalo are born. White Buffalo are considered to be sacred signs in several Native American religions, and thus have great spiritual importance in those cultures and are visited for prayer and other religious ceremonies." 

I am told that a Native American group from the Black Hills area did come to Bear Country this spring and held a ceremony to honor this white buffalo. I saw the colorful ribbons they tied to the fence as part of their rites.

This is a goofy picture Keith got one day through the fence. It may be a little too close for comfort! These guys are powerful!

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Melonie said...

This is just so cool and amazing! Particularly this white buffalo, but ALL your awesome wildlife photos! You guys really have such a unique lifestyle that can't be rivaled by any other when it comes to traveling the country, and yet staying fairly stationary for a season at a time. I really like all your animal pictures. It does make me miss the north, though!