Monday, July 21, 2008

Our home on wheels!

This is our home on wheels! In this photo we are parked at Happy Holiday RV Park near Rapid City SD. The month is May, hence no leaves on the trees. Right now, in July, we have lots of shade. The park is beautiful and quite full of other RVs. In about 2 weeks we will be overrun with motorcyclists who are attending the huge Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. There will be a loud roar constantly while the cyclists tour through the Black Hills, getting their fill of each other and of the awesome sights in this area. The Rally is quite a phenomenon! There is not much room for regular tourists at this time. Bear Country has 2 or 3 large buses for transporting the cyclists through the park, since they can't ride through the bears and wolves and other animals on their motorcycles! It is a very fascinating time, watching the folks, checking out their rigs and learning where they are from. Some have even come from overseas.

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Keith said...

This is a wonderful blog—and I love you for it.