Friday, October 29, 2010

Random Colorado Photos

 After some business in Aurora at the Verizon Store and the Apple Store, we set out for a drive west of Denver to Golden. We took some detours here and there. This was a stunning rock formation somewhere west of Littleton. The sun was in the wrong place for a clear picture of these beautiful red rocks.

 As the sign says, "Welcome to Golden". Since it was late in the afternoon, we cut our sightseeing short and only stopped at the local Burger King. Golden is the home of the Colorado School of Mines, as well as the site of a Coors Brewery. Those seemed to be the main businesses.

 We had to drive to this "town" many miles east of Strasburg, because Keith's middle name is Woodrow, a name we use frequently to tease. Here it is, out on the high plains. It contained 2 houses, a church, and a building that combined the post office, a coffee shop and a general store. That was it!

 This is the outskirts of the town and the typical scenery of just about anywhere east of Denver, on the high plains. We think we've about had our fill of this eastern panorama and will concentrate on going west towards the Rockies from now on!

 Nice sign!

And the many-functional General Store, Coffee Shop and Post Office of Woodrow, Colorado.


Forry and Char said...

Isn't Colorado beautiful? I love the high plains!

Gail Durham said...

beautiful pictures!