Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Denver Zoo

 Other than a few short drives on the country roads surrounding our new location, Strasburg, our trip to the Denver Zoo was our first big excursion west to the big city. It was well worth the distance and the traffic! The Zoo is very large and well thought out. Each group of animals have ample enclosures. I've put up just a few of our favorite pictures, first the giraffe. Keith queried several zoo-goers with this question, "Why is the giraffe's neck so long? Because his head is so high!"

 These zebras are beautiful, standing in the shade on a warm day.

 A popular attraction, the elephant! Our only mistake on this trip was coming on the Denver Zoo's "free day". It felt like there were a million people there, and we couldn't see the critters without stepping on the humans! Next time we'll go on a "pay day"!

 I forget what kind of penguin this is. He posed nicely.

 We were anxious to see the grizzlies after our great experience with Tank and Cherokee at Bear Country USA. These 2 didn't have names posted, but they did the same 'grizzly' things we were used to seeing. Bears everywhere seem to love the water!

Heading back east after our time at the Zoo we were surprised to see this large prairie dog colony right in the city, in a vacant lot! There was even a sign up telling people not to drive or park in the lot, or dump garbage there. We had the feeling the neighborhood was quite protective of their furry little residents!

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BaseballGrrl said...

There was only 1 elephant?
I like the zebra pic - I didn't get to see any of those on my safari. I saw lots of giraffes though, and a few elephants. We searched for 2 days for them. How do you hide 1500 elephants???