Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fort Collins to Strasburg

Choosing to stay 2 nights at the Fort Collins/Wellington KOA, we needed to find something to do during the day. Locals said the Poudre (pronounced Pooder) Canyon drive was beautiful so we decided to do that. It truly was beautiful. Here is our little car going through a tunnel and, in the photo below, coming back the other way, just for fun.

The Poudre River is gentle, clear, and inviting on a warm day. We passed several spots where people were fishing, or just lazing away on the rocks.

My favorite photo, wildflowers overlooking the river. This looks like a good place to jump in!

We were told the colors up the canyon would be pretty. It's been hot here in this part of Colorado, so the the leaves weren't as brilliant as we hoped. Still lovely, though. I'm taking a photo of the cliffside here.

 Heading out of the canyon we were surprised to see this fence line made up completely of old skis!

 Finally, we've reached our destination! Here we are at the Denver East/Strasburg KOA, in place for the next 6 months. Weather is warm and sunny for now. We'll be experiencing some snow and cold soon, but we know how to hunker down for that. I'll be getting more photos as we make our way into Denver to see the sights there. 

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