Friday, October 22, 2010

The City of Denver

 We made a trip into Denver to pick up Keith's repaired laptop and decided to tour the busy canyons of the downtown. The buildings are huge and tall! Here is one I snapped from my car window. I don't know the name of this building. I would have loved to get good pictures of some of the more impressive edifices, but they are so close together and so tall that they wouldn't fit into my camera lens.

 We found our way to Riverfront Park where we walked the paths for a short distance. I love this photo of the city with the ornamental grass in the foreground.

 And for my daughter Jessi, the baseball fan, the Coors Field! Again, it was so huge we couldn't get the whole thing in pictures.

 Driving under an overpass on our way to the park we saw these gorgeous paintings on the wall, protected by the bridge above. There were 7 or 8 faces there, all beautifully done, as well as wolf, deer, and fox faces, each one 5 or 6 feet tall. I love the way they've painted the city skyline in the sunglasses. (Click to enlarge.)

 This is the famous Platte River, which runs through Denver, the same river followed by the Oregon Trail pioneers on their way through Nebraska. There are several foot bridges throughout the park crossing the river, so it's easy to walk the entire trail on both sides.

 As we drove towards home we took residential streets to avoid the mainstream traffic. This is 6th Avenue, a long street filled with gorgeous stone and brick homes, beautiful plantings, and, as you can see, lovely fall colors.

And, as we exited the city and headed back out on the plains, we could see Strasburg far off in the distance. This is pretty much what it looks like east of Denver, for miles and miles, clear to the Kansas border and beyond. The land is mostly flat, rolling gently in some areas, and was planted with wheat, corn, and sunflowers, which have been harvested. That's all we've seen so far. Spring might tell a different story!

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