Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Trip to Kiowa

  What beautiful, sunny October-November days we've been having! The photo above is what we see looking west from the Strasburg area. The Rockies are stunning even from this distance!

  Our day off yielded a trip to Kiowa, a small town south of us reached by a long partly paved, partly gravel road. The residents of Kiowa get to daily look at this view of Pikes Peak.

The main street of Kiowa is about this long! We were intrigued by the taller building in the center of the photo, a 'biker bar'. It was a bright turquoise color, which doesn't show up too well in the picture — it seems to blend in with the sky.

On the way home by yet another dirt and gravel road I spotted a 'photo opportunity'. The barn is made from sod or stucco of some kind, and the windmill, typical of the high plains ranches, adds to the scene, along with the contented cows. (Click to enlarge.)

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