Monday, February 27, 2012

The Denver Zoo, Almost

 After church on Sunday we set out for a drive towards Denver, not really knowing where we would end up. We got tacos and quesadillas to go at our local Mexican restaurant and headed south towards a huge mall area in Aurora. The day was brilliant with sunshine, though cold and windy. Here is our usual gorgeous view of the Rocky Mountains to the west.

 I love lone trees out on the prairie, the starkness of their bare limbs in the dead of winter.

 About halfway to the Mall we changed our minds! I've wanted to return to the store at the Denver Zoo to purchase some souvenirs and gifts, so we turned our wheels and headed back north to downtown Denver, deciding now was as good a time as any. We didn't go into the Zoo itself, but only into the shop where I did find several goodies, a coffee mug with giraffes on it, a blank book with a lion on the front, some postcards, a t-shirt for me, and a birthday gift to save for one of the granddaughters. (Shhh!) The Park grounds are overrun with Canada Geese at all times of the year. These guys, feeding near our parked car, paid absolutely no attention to me, snapping away on my camera. I could have gotten even closer.

 After the Zoo store, we did still want to head on down to the big Mall, where we checked out the ice skaters and looked at the movie marquee. Heading home, we were treated to this beautiful sunset. Compare it to the mountains seen in the top photo. They are the same — a gorgeous sight caught at just the right moment!

 Well, I wanted you all to see my new t-shirt! Isn't it pretty? We saw all these cats on a previous visit to the Zoo itself.

Oops! One more majestic cat, Montie, checking out what I'm doing with that camera in my hand!