Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Winter Park & Granby, Colorado

 Today's drive took us across Denver (during rush hour!) and up to the 10,000 foot level in the Rockies. Winter Park and Granby were our destinations. We'd been to Winter Park, a premier skiing area, last winter, but no further west. There is still quite a bit of snow on the way up to the higher elevations.

 We found a wonderful restaurant in Granby. This monster moose was hanging right over our table! Mr. Keith bumped his head on the moose's nose when he tried to sit down. How would you like to have this fellow gazing at you during your lunch? (I mean the moose, not Mr. Keith!)

The restaurant, called Maverick's Grill, was superb. We had the best food ever! My choice was the fish (pollack) and chips, along with excellent coleslaw. Mr. Keith had the pollack on a bun with avacado on the side. It was perfecto! For dessert we had deep fried cheesecake bites, something I'd never heard of before. Yum!

 We were close enough to the south entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park, so we drove on up to see Lake Granby. It's there, really it is! It's a huge lake, completely frozen over. We didn't expect that, but maybe we should have, at 10,000 feet. We could see snowmobile tracks all over in the snow.

 There were several ice fishing huts out on the lake, even some ramshackle little buildings. You can see a tiny hut out there. We were told by our waiter at the restaurant that ice fishing is a major draw to the area in the winter.

 Winter Park and Granby, along with several other small towns, are nestled in a valley in between the Rocky Mountain Peaks. On all sides we were treated to this gorgeous view.

 Just for fun — in Granby we found a "Zero" Street. As one might expect, it was followed by 1st Street, 2nd Street, etc. Click to enlarge.

Also in Granby — The End!

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Forry and Char said...

Zero Street? That's funny.
Your snow pictures made me shiver...