Monday, March 12, 2012

Denver's Riverfront Park

Denver is known as "The Mile High City", but since we've been working in Colorado I've wondered why the little prairie towns to the east actually have a little higher elevation than Denver. I think the reason is that Denver was built along the Platte River, which created a valley between the prairie and the Rockies. This is the mighty Platte, right near downtown Denver, from one of several walking bridges crossing over the river. There were lots of people out enjoying the warmer, sunshiny weather, many walking their dogs. These folks on the shore were letting their Labs swim in the river. It was fun to watch.

Here is Mr. Keith, out on one of several rocky causeways positioned to control the flow of the river. He is looking at the iPad, just to strike a silly pose. Better not drop it!

I am standing on the walking bridge. Notice the colorful apartment buildings right on the river. If I were to live in Denver (and could afford it!) I would chose this view of the Platte.

I love this picture of mallard ducks dozing on a sandbar. Doesn't it look like a face? There were pigeons, gulls and Canada Geese all enjoying the warmth, the water, and the folks on shore tossing treats to them.

We found a hotdog vender on the overlook of the confluence of the Platte River and Cherry Creek. Couldn't resist having a hotdog for me and a Bratwurst for Keith. I shared bits of my hotdog bun with a lone pigeon who was brave enough to come close.

This is the hotdog stand, set up with everything one could want on a dog, Polish, Bratwurst, and just plain hotdog. Both our choices were very yummy and the atmosphere made them all the better.

I love this photo of the enormous apartment buildings all around the park, with their glass reflecting the winter sky. What a view they have — skyscrapers on one side and the Riverfront Park on the other.

As we headed away from the Park on our way to the Cherry Creek Mall we saw this amazing sight. I'm not sure what it represents. These 30 foot high figures are near the Performing Arts Center, so perhaps they are dancers. Beautiful! They seemed to be waving good-bye to us at the end of our pleasant day in Denver.


Forry and Char said...

I commuted to Denver every six months for two weeks at a time for 2 1/2 years while I was getting my Masters in Health Administration from UCD. I learned to love that city. Thanks for the great pictures.

ILoveHexGoblinfly said...

I miss denver so much! I used to work at the hyatt regency in downtown. my very first job at 19 years old. though, I do not miss the harsh winter blizzards and slippery streets, denver was a home away from home for me. ah, the memories.