Saturday, February 4, 2012

Snow, and More Snow!

Strasburg was included in the big snowstorm that hit Denver yesterday. I think we got about 18 inches of the fluffy stuff. I wondered what the hump in the middle of the table was till I remembered I put a tumbleweed in the center for decoration! The snow and wind were dangerous enough to close the freeway, I-70, and we had several stranded campers who could not leave. I took this photo right outside the store. It doesn't look like the pizza truck could be going anywhere, but we did make a couple of delivery runs. The roads were not good! Our boss even sent the pizza girls home early for lack of business.

We were so busy shoveling snow around the store and office, and helping the stranded campers, that we didn't have time (or strength) to shovel out our own rig. Imagine our amazement and delight when 3 of our RV neighbors did it for us while we were at work! They cleared out the snow all around the car and up to the porch, and even left a box of snow-melt. Poor little Focus was almost obscured under that load. People are wonderful!
Below, not to be left out of the picture, BigTruk sits cloaked in snow and icicles. He is plugged into space #57 so he can't be hurting too badly. Will Spring ever come?

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Unknown said...

Hope you are both making it through the winter OK. Wenatchee is starting to thaw out with a beautiful first couple days of February.