Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Celebration

 Mr. Keith and I had, several months ago, decided that for Christmas we would go to dinner twice, to a restaurant of my choice, then to one of his choice. In mid - November he developed a compression fracture in his back, then later another one, which kept him house and chair bound for over two months. So much for going to dinner! Finally, the day arrived when I had my first real day off in three months, so we chose to celebrate that day, along with Keith's return to working fulltime, by going to dinner at our favorite restaurant, Ruby Tuesday's, out by the Denver International Airport. I am so intrigued by this airport. It's constructed to look like the Rocky Mountains, and it really does, out there on the prairie east of Denver. (Click to enlarge.)

 Yum! Mr. Keith loves seafood, especially shellfish, so he ordered this Shellfish Trio of lobster, shrimp and crab cake, with mashed potatoes. Truly a work of art!

 I chose the 4 Way Sampler platter, mozzarella sticks, chicken fingers, spring rolls, and buffalo wings. Our drink was Ruby Tuesday's wonderful raspberry iced tea. We stuffed ourselves and took home enough for a meal the next day. Oh, yes, we had 4 little cupcakes for dessert, carrot cake and red velvet. Double yum!

We took the back way home, to the north of the airport, and were treated to the sight of several large planes landing and taking off. It was exciting to watch these 2 planes getting lower and slower and then landing. It felt so good to be able to get back to our fun drives outside the campground. Mr. Keith is on the mend, and we will be doing more sightseeing in our remaining time here. God's world is full of amazing sights and experiences!


Michael and Dee said...

Yummy! We love seafood, but tend to shy away from the deep fried stuff.

This my 4th try at getting this posted because blogger's new word verification thingy is so hard to read.

Linda Silvestri said...

Glad Mr. Keith is on the mend! Good for you guys for pampering and savoring life's little pleasures.