Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Leaving Lost Lake, Arriving in Wenatchee

 We had so many wonderful people bringing us goodies on our last day at Lost Lake. These fine folks are the managers, Brian and Leslie. Hmmm! Those frosted brownies Leslie made were so good, maybe we should stay!

 Here we're hooking up, ready to leave our lovely sheltered spot. slide wouldn't go in. We had 2 expert electricians, Harvey and Bob, working on our rig, taking apart all the wiring they could think of, and still they didn't find the problem. Harvey ended up cranking the slide in by hand, a very difficult job. We were all ready for a nap by the time we pulled out, 3 hours later than we had planned.

 Our trip over Snoqualmie and Blewett Passes was beautiful and uneventful until at a Cle Elum pit stop we discovered our RV batteries had not been charging. We continued on, planning to get some help when we arrived in Wenatchee. Here is our favorite spot in our very favorite RV park, the Wenatchee River County Park at Monitor. Here, Keith and I decided to clean off the batteries and check them for water, which we had assured Harvey and Bob that we had already done. We were mistaken and all their extremely kind and diligent labor was proven unnecessary because we discovered one battery was dry. We filled it up, and voila´, our stubborn slide went right out without a whimper! We jumped for joy and ran around praising God for solving this problem with no expenditure on our part except for a little sweat. We know that we need to purchase new batteries, though, as these have gotten past their prime. Hopefully they will get us a little further down the road.

 By our very good fortune our daughter Jessi came up from Redding CA to visit Wenatchee at the same time we did. It had been a year since we last saw her. Here she is holding one of her 2 cats which she planned to take with her back to Redding. Daughter Betsy has been caring for them for the past year. I like Jessi's blue hair!

 The main downside of our workamping lifestyle is that we don't get to see our kids and granddaughters nearly often enough. Our gal Katy was about 6 or 7 when we first left. She is a beautiful, charming 15 year old now. (Blue hair must run in the family!) In this photo she is teaching her mom, our daughter Betsy, how to use her new cell phone. The young ones always seem to know how manage the new technology better than their elders! Thus began our whirlwind 3 night, 2 day stay in Wenatchee, visiting family and friends. So many we want to see, so little time!

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