Saturday, May 11, 2013

Travels from Wenatchee to Bozeman

This might seem a funny display of photos, but on our travels we can't really sight-see except as we're driving. We can't pull that big 5th wheel and truck into just any place! After we left Wenatchee, got diesel and gas at Rock Island and visited with my sister and hubby at a rest stop near Quincy, we were ready for the trip to Bozeman to really begin. This photo is near Ritzville, out in eastern Washington. I can't go through this area without thinking of my blogging and facebook friend, Char, who is also traveling around in a motorhome with her husband. Ritzville is their homebase.

One of the most beautiful places we've workamped is in North Idaho. We could live there! I love the old mining town of Wallace, the site of the last stoplight on I-90. To solve that problem the new part of the freeway was built right over the top of the town. Though we've toured there many times in our little car, there is no way we could take the "house" down into the town. So here is my photo of Wallace for this trip.

I love the sky here — Big Sky Country! This is just across the border of Idaho and Montana, before Missoula. We had come over Lookout Pass and down into this valley. Coming into Montana almost feels like coming home, since we worked two summers at the KOA in Missoula and traveled all around this gorgeous countryside.

Our spot at the Missoula KOA. We love coming here because most of the same folks we worked with are still here. It was a great place to work and is always a fun place to visit! We had company from the time we set up till we went to bed, and then again in the morning as we were getting ready to pull out.

Well, here is a scene without the 5th wheel! We had stopped at a rest stop along the way for lunch and a nap. I am always intrigued by this tall smokestack near Anaconda. I'm not sure if it is still in use, but it is awesome to look at, standing out against the hills.

On we go, heading into Butte. More Big Sky! You can't see it in this photo, but there is a huge, white statue at the top of the mountains. What looks like a tiny white slash just to the left of center is where it stands. Someone said it was a Madonna. Not sure if that's true or not. Butte is a fascinating city to tour. We've done that a couple of times when we camped in an RV park there. The old part of town consists of many red brick buildings, old mansions, strangely painted homes and businesses, and, of course, the huge, deep Berkeley Pit, now filling with water. The hills all around the city bear the marks of years of mining.

"Home" at last, our home for the next 4 months at the Bozeman KOA. I was surprised to see, although the day was hot, that the trees and flowers in Bozeman are behind what we've seen in Washington and western Montana. We get to experience spring all over again!  On our days off we plan to go to Yellowstone, Virginia City, and any other place that interests us. We will love it here!

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