Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Few Parting Scenes

It will be difficult for us to leave the beautiful Lost Lake Resort now that it has entered its prettiest phase, springtime! In a week we will pull up stakes, hook up the 5th wheel and drive on out to our next adventure in Montana. Our hopes are that we might return here in a few months, in the gorgeous autumn season.
 I love looking down on the old cabin from the exit road above it. This ancient building is 100 plus years old and sits on the shore of Lost Lake. I wonder what stories it could tell!

 The resort is filled with trilliums this spring. They are everywhere! After a month of blooming, many of them are entering their last stage, going from white to lavender.

 When we were here five years ago I found some striped coral root orchids, a strange plant with no chlorophyll, hence no green color. These were new to me.I was excited to happen upon this year's sprouting a few days ago. They are not blooming yet but maybe they will in the next few days.

Here is a favorite of mine, if I could name a favorite, the shooting star wildflower. So pretty and so delicate!

After a windstorm I raked and hauled off piles of branches from this now peaceful and sunlit glade. It's ready for a picnic once the tables are placed. I could spend some time here!

As we end our time at the resort I am comforted that I have left a legacy, Dufur, the old man of Lost Lake. Not many know he is here, half hidden in the trees and ferns, but I will think of him often and wonder how the forest is faring under his watchful care. Good-bye, Dufer, Good-bye, Lost Lake.

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Pam Ridgely said...

Travel safe, will we see you when you come thru Missoula?