Friday, April 8, 2011

Good Thoughts!

 With only a week to go before we hook up and pull out of the
Strasburg KOA, we feel a little bit of sadness to be leaving the friends we've made. There is tremendous excitement, too, as always, as we head for new adventures, new sights, and new friends. Last night we  made one last trip to downtown Denver, a truly amazing place, busy as an ant colony! 

God has been so good to us here. Reflecting on His blessings: we were invited to a family gathering at Thanksgiving, a great time with people we had never met prior to that day. They were so good to 'entertain strangers'. The same thing happened at Christmas! A co-worker invited us to her grandma's house with their family, alleviating somewhat our missing our own family. We had a family of 8 staying in the campground for a month. We entertained the children, took them to church, and thoroughly enjoyed them. The day they left we found an envelope taped to our porch, and inside was a large sum of money! We shared with our co-workers who were as amazed as we were at this unexpected gift. One night recently a couple who were here all winter took us to the Olive Garden in Denver for dinner. Another unexpected surprise! There is a lady here who needed a ride to church, so we took her with us. She gave us a lovely, hand-made, framed verse, "In Him we live and move and have our being." Another blessing! I've been giving a co-worker piano lessons all winter. At the conclusion of our last lesson, she gave me a gift and a card, composed and written from her heart. More blessings! We enjoyed a yummy dinner at the local Mexican restaurant with another couple who have been here all winter. We wish we could know them better and longer! And, last night, after our final drive through Denver, we had dinner with a couple who befriended us after we met them at the Thanksgiving dinner we shared together. Especially dear to our hearts are the two girls who were the pizza makers. We grew really close to both of them. Last, but certainly not least, we've been blessed to work for the wonderful owners of this campground, who've made us so welcome and made our time here so much fun and so memorable! We will miss them.

In contrast to the picture above, this is the sight we see from all directions around Strasburg, the high plains view, with the Rockies to the west. We are just now beginning to see some green in the fields and in the trees, a welcome change from the browns and tans of winter. In a week we will head north through Nebraska, spend a few days visiting friends in Rapid City, South Dakota, then on through Wyoming and Montana to our new job in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, where we will experience new adventures and blessings from God!

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Jorge and Evielynne's RV Adventures Blog said...

I so believe in pay it forward and it seems to me you have the best forward blessings anyone could ever imagine... How wonderful for you guys to have such treats from the heart - it says a lot about you two!! Blessings come in so many forms and you are witness to that... I so can understand your sadness to leave this beautiful friendly area...