Friday, April 22, 2011

Our Time in Rapid City

 The Black Hills are our favorite place to be, besides Wenatchee where the kids are. It's with sadness we leave here after 5 days. Gotta get going to the new job in Idaho! The weather is bad today, very windy, not good for our 5th wheel, but we have to go. I didn't take very many photos while here. Seems like all our time was taken up with lunches and dinners with friends we hadn't seen for 2 years. We did take a couple of drives out in the Hills, though. I have to say that this RV park, Happy Holiday, is about the best park we've ever been in. We stayed here all summer in 2008 while we worked at Bear Country USA. The owner is super, and the sites are nice. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

 These are the children, Noah Nathaniel and Madison, of our very dear friends. They've grown so much! We stayed at their place for 2 months when they lived in Nebraska. I loved that they started calling me "Grandma" on their own!

 We had lunch with these 2 good buddies, Dave and Charlie. That's Mr. Keith on the right. Both of these friends work at the Rapid City Rescue Mission.

We had to go to Mt. Rushmore at least! We picked out educational booklets for the granddaughter of our best friends in Washington, and also did a little birthday shopping for our own granddaughter. By the time we got here the snow was mostly gone and it was a beautiful day. We never tire of Mt. Rushmore, and for that matter, of any place in the  gorgeous Black Hills! Bye for now!


Forry and Char said...

Travel safely my blogging friends. I'll be looking forward to hearing about your adventures in Idaho!

John and Ellen said...

We have yet to make it to the Black Hills but it is on our “list”. Very nice that you included a photo of your friends from the Rescue Mission too.


Jorge and Evielynne's RV Road Adventures said...

Where in ID are you guys working. We will be working is ID too this summer (our first time ever stepping foot in the state of ID)... eeek white stuff