Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Driving Back Roads

 Mr. Keith is an incurable back-road driver. He absolutely must follow every road he sees. Out here on the plains of eastern Colorado there are many roads, some paved, some gravel, some just dirt. They seem to follow what must have been originally the 640 acre sections of land, because they are all laid out in squares. With just 2 weeks to go before we leave Colorado, we are pleased to see some green starting to appear, mostly in the fields planted with winter wheat. I love this lone tree.

 From one back road we got a good view of the Denver International Airport. The main terminal is constructed to look like the Rocky Mountains. Planes were taking off and landing every few minutes. (Click to enlarge.)

 The grass is always greener...!  One horse wouldn't give us the time of day while he stretched his neck through the fence in search of something better. We didn't see anything green there, though. The other horse was more curious about us.

Here was the best part of our day. We kept hearing the melodious song of meadowlarks as we drove along the fields. On a whim, I opened the Peterson bird identification app on my iPad and played the meadowlark song. This bird, who was sitting on a mailbox a few yards away from us, promptly flew as close as he dared, and answered us back each time we played the recording. I wonder if he was saying, "I keep getting a recording! I want to talk to a real bird!"

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Forry and Char said...

I love the very liquidy song of the meadowlarks!