Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Denver Zoo, Again!

 The first time we went to the Zoo, in October, we were thrilled to find it was a "free" day, no admission charge. We soon decided that we'd better come again when we had to pay, because the free day was so jam-packed with attenders! We didn't get to see everything as well as we wanted to. We've been amazed at the vast flocks of Canada Geese in the Denver area. The first thing we noticed at the zoo was that the geese had no fear of people and were actively begging with loud honks and squawks! They cleaned up all food scraps dropped to the ground.

We ate lunch at the outside tables and were solicited by these 2 geese. The photo is blurry because I had to click so quickly so many times to get a shot of this guy snapping up a french fry. Mr. Keith donated almost his entire lunch to them! What fun!

 This spotted hyena is between a rock and a hard place, obviously enjoying his nap in the sunshine. I'm glad there was thick glass between me and him!

 Here's a great shot of a majestic lioness. Seems like she was posing!

 And here's a couple, the Mrs. enjoying a large bone while the Mr. looks on.

 We took a good picture of Nemo the clownfish at the Downtown Aquarium a few weeks ago, but I think this display at the zoo was even better. I heard several moms say to their toddlers, "Come and see Nemo!" I like the blue fish, too, but don't know what kind he is.

 Some of my favorites at the zoo were these tiny antelopes, dik diks, I believe. They are the size of cats, and so delicate and pretty.

Last, but certainly not least, we saw this hippo, which we missed last time. She was very pretty and smooth, and had just taken a dip in her large pond when we came upon her enclosure.

It was a wonderful day at the zoo! We walked for at least 4 hours, seeing all we could. We noticed that the crowd consisted mostly of parents with small children and babies, with lots of strollers......and old people like us! Mr. Keith got to try out his giraffe joke several times. "Why is the giraffe's neck so long? Because his head is so high!"

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Forry and Char said...

Sounds like a fun day -- we like zoos too!