Thursday, June 25, 2009

An Unbelievable Cottonwood!

Montana landscapes are amazing. I can fully understand the phrase "big sky country". This photo is near Hamilton, about 50 miles south of Missoula.

We visited the Daly Mansion, built in 1910. This was the summer home of the widow of Marcus Daly, copper magnate. It's right outside of Hamilton, a lovely town of about 4100 people.

This is what the widow saw from the back porch of her mansion. There is a vast lawn with a view of Hamilton in the distance, framed by the Bitterroot Mountain range.

Even more than the beautiful home, we were amazed by the biggest cottonwood tree we'd ever seen, and we've seen plenty of huge ones, especially in Rapid City and in Missoula. This one is colossal, probably there hundreds of years before the mansion was built and when the Nez Perce Indians roamed the Bitterroot valley.

A further view of the giant tree with the mansion in the background.

And another, with Keith standing in its shadow. We enjoy seeing and exploring the towns, buildings, etc. of man, but God's creations are much more wondrous to behold!


Anonymous said...

It appears you've had the lovliest weather to enjoy your surroundings. Thanks for sharing these photos and posts about your life in Montana.

Ann said...

And thank you for looking! Yes, the weather is finally summer-like.