Thursday, June 11, 2009

On our days off...

There is an extensive walking and biking trail system around Missoula, part of it right through the city along the Clark Fork River. This bridge is a walking bridge near the University, probably at one time a railroad bridge. The river is quite high and very muddy, not yet as high as it will be in a week or so, we're told.

We came across a pretty little garden tucked away along the trail with benches and signposts identifying the various plants.

Another hike took us up the Rattlesnake Creek valley. One footbridge was washed out so we waded across, shoes and all. Brrr...cold water, but so refreshing.

There are some montrous trees in this area. This one is a leaning ponderosa pine. Looks like I'm trying to hold it up!

The wild rose is always a favorite, so delicate and so fragrant.

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Anonymous said...

Mom, the wild rose is actually called a Nootka Rose and is native to Canada, Wa, ID, OR, MT. I learned that in my outdoor biology class. Did you know that the Indians harvested the rose hips in the fall as a food source? They are filled with a very concentrated vitamin C. Good to have during those long winter months.