Thursday, June 25, 2009


Our faithful RV kitty, Poquita, went to cat heaven the other day. We miss her—waiting at the door at the sound of our footsteps, looking at us for a helping of chow, always wanting to jump up on Keith's warm lap sometimes even before he settled into his chair. She preferred a black and white quilt for snuggling, somehow seeming to know she matched it.

Poquita led a good life in a regular stick house till we set out on our RVing adventures. She turned into a good RV kitty, not trying to dash out the door, always staying nearby when she could go outside. She loved cheese Pringles, a treat my daughter got her used to when she was a tiny kitten, rescued from abandonment. There is a big hole left by the presence of a loved cat, a feeling of absence on the bed at night when we were used to her sleeping next to us, an ache to think of her sitting on the table watching us eat. There is no longer a furry friend we can reach out to pet. Thanks, Poquita, for your years of friendship—thanks for traveling nearly 9000 miles back and forth across the country with us!

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Gr S said...

It's so hard to lose a loved one. She sounds like a pretty special cat and pretty special friend. I'm sorry. -Kathi