Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Waltzing Matilda!

Well, here we are at the Roo Ranch! We packed up this morning, hooked up BigTruk to our 5th wheel, and left our pretty spot at the Happy Holiday RV Park. Two workamper couples who we didn't know very well, but wish we had, came to wish us well and happy traveling. One hour later we were here, definitely the shortest trip we've ever had to a new job. We pulled into our spot right next to the building that houses the small, nocturnal animals, and got lots of help setting up from the young man who is one of the owners of Roo Ranch. He made sure we had what we needed, and he and Keith spent quite a bit of time getting us on the internet, which we can't live without! We have a pretty open view of the surrounding hills on all sides, as well as the path where the visitors walk to see the 'roos. We will love it here!
I went out at my first opportunity to take this photo of Matilda. Fancy a kangaroo being named that! She is in a pen where people can go right in to pet her and photograph her. The other roos are in pens the visitors don't go into, but I got to watch an employee bottle feed several of them. That will be my job, too, as soon as I am shown how. Can't wait!! I will post more photos as I get them, and a description of our jobs.


Anonymous said...

Enjoying your blog so much. Great pictures! Great insight! Thanks for all the postings!
Kathi Scheibner

Ann said...
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Ann said...

Thanks, Kathi!
I am thrilled that you and Melonie and Crystal are reading my blog. It's been fun posting!

Real-life Family said...

What a cute roo! I can't wait to see more pictures and hear about your experiences there. (There aren't too many people who can say they've bottlefed a baby kangaroo!) So happy you made it safely! :)

Anonymous said...

Hope You guys enjoy working at the Roo Ranch this winter!! Hope it's a good winter for you up there. We're in Carlsbad headed for Yuma. Keep up the good work!! Gary & Diana.