Thursday, September 4, 2008

3 bear cubs & a porcupine baby

Here is the best bear cub picture I've gotten. It's as though they posed for this photo! It was early morning and they were waiting for chow after having just emerged from their sleeping cave. The cubs are 8 months old now and they are getting pretty big and roly-poly. 

...and yet another picture of our baby porcupine. I couldn't resist this one. She is chomping on her favorite food, a carrot. This salad diet will keep her little round figure just perfect.


Gr S said...

Just LOVE your photos!
Kathi Scheibner

Ann said...

Hi Kathi,

Thanks so much for looking at my blog! Pictures will soon change from American wild animals to Australian wild animals! Should be fun!


KyrieEleison said...

I like the porcupine!