Friday, September 19, 2008

A Pretty Blonde!

Here at Bear Country we have several raccoons, but I had never seen a blonde one like "Steve", in the first photo. He is beautiful! In the second photo he and "Stubby" are asking for treats from us. They are good at standing on their hind legs and looking like they are starving. Actually, they are quite plump. We give them little chunks of what looks like dog food but is really a healthy mix made for them. We'll be sad to leave all our animal friends for the fall and winter. I always wonder how they do in the cold and snow. Their keepers will give them warm shelter; some will be in their same enclosures, and some will be moved to a more protected building. The bears, of course, will be hibernating!


KyrieEleison said...

I've never seen a blond raccoon! Steve is very handsome, and so is Stubby. I'm sure you'll be sad to leave all your furry friends (as well as the non-furry ones, like the people) when you move on for the winter. Do you get to go back to Bear Country again in the spring, or do you head somewhere new?

Ann said...

Yes, we will miss our furry friends and the people we've worked with, but some of them may come visit us (the people, not the furry ones!) at Roo Ranch. Our plan is to come back to Bear Country, if the Lord wills!