Saturday, December 1, 2012

Mushrooms! That's All.

After our resort manager told me a disgruntled visitor called her husband a mushroom to insult him, I got to thinking, "There are lots of mushrooms out in the forest because of all the rain — I'll take pictures of a few while I'm on my rounds!"

With that thought, I found this pretty, golden one right outside our 5th wheel as I stepped out with camera in hand. I googled mushrooms hoping I could identify them for my blog, but after seeing 2000 plus fungi, none of which looked like my photos, I gave up! Dear reader, you'll just have to be content with the pictures! For the best view, click to enlarge each photo.

A trinity. Did some prehistoric bird lay these?

Teeny tiny mushrooms down at the lake. They look like snowflakes.

I admired these crisp, white fungi marching out from the ferny, rocky wall at the parking lot.

I didn't see the same mushrooms any place I looked. They were all different. These are fuzzy little brown ones.

Trying to hide under the ivy leaves down by the lake, these 'shrooms are about 5 inches across.

I found these — whether mushrooms or lichens— taking advantage of the fresh cut in a downed tree along the road heading up from the lake.

Same tree, other end.

A grey lady. It really is this color, and quite wide, about 6 inches.

Some mushrooms like company! It's a happy family! Don't they look like banana chips?

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Forry and Char said...

What a fun collection of mushrooms you found! All I know about identifying them is to never eat anything you find unless you have an expert with you...