Sunday, November 25, 2012


We found this picturesque railroad bridge down a dead-end road along the Nisqually River. It looks like a place fishermen frequent. On this day it was rainy and darkish, but I can imagine earlier in the fall it must have been pretty with the trees still in their colorful mode.

The Nisqually River is full and quite green. The little hut behind me is a shelter for the fisher folks. There was even an abandoned fire still burning, but no one nearby.

In contrast to the railroad bridge, earlier the same day we crossed the mighty Tacoma Narrows Bridge on our way to Poulsbo. The span on the right, heading west onto the Kitsap Peninsula, has been there a long time. The larger span, heading east towards Tacoma, is newer. I remember that when we were in this area 5 years ago it was just being completed. Drivers don't pay the toll going west, but they do going east.

 "Over the river and through the woods...", a song some of you might remember — here we are heading back home on another day, our Thanksgiving Day trip to our friends' home in Poulsbo.There is lots of reflection from the lights on the car window, but I wanted a nighttime snap of the bridge. It's awesome! I'm sure we will be making several more trips across the Narrows while we're workamping near Olympia. The Puget Sound area is gorgeous! There is lots to explore and we hope do to as much as we can!

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Melonie said...

Wow, what gorgeous photos! That bridge looks spectacular!