Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Parker Adventist Hospital

 Recently Mr. Keith needed a spinal surgical procedure called a kyphoplasty, for a compression fracture, his second one. We were sent to the Parker Adventist Hospital, a wonderful place. We hated the reason we had to go, but we absolutely loved being there! The doctors and nurses are the best we've ever had, in their attention, concern, and diligence to make sure everything was okay. One nurse spent the entire time with us, about 4 hours. Keith felt like he was the only one there, getting the very best treatment.
 I walked around outside for awhile and found this metal sculpture named "Eden Restored". The snow on the figures added extra poignancy to this mother and child holding a bird.

 Here is Jesus, wiping tears from the eyes of the little boy examining His nail scarred hand.

 As soon as he was awake, Keith got to order some breakfast. His favorite is always pancakes, but this plate had an odd addition, an edible orchid! He was too chicken to try it. I should have eaten it! Guess I was chicken, too.

This is the view from the hospital, those gorgeous Rocky Mountains. I had a yummy breakfast in the cafeteria, and got to look at the mountains as I ate. We will most likely never have reason to return to this hospital, but it will always be a sweet memory for us.

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