Sunday, January 1, 2012

My Desk, My Day

This is my desk, located in the bedroom in our 5th wheel. From here I'm able to get my thoughts out on my blog, on Facebook, emails, and other avenues. That's my iMac, with my torti cat sitting on the mouse and looking out the window. You can even see the thermometer, registering 26 degrees outside. I love looking at my favorite curtain, a collection of scarves tied to a rod. Try it if you have some scarves or large handerchiefs lying around.

I had the whole day off today, New Years. I've been working as much as I can so this day is a treat. I have nothing earth shaking to write about, no trips to the mountains, no trips into Denver to see the sights, just a quiet day at the campground.

I always get up early, 5ish, and sit quietly drinking my coffee, holding my black kitty, reading my Bible and checking Facebook, the weather, email, etc. After dressing I went over to the store-office to let the campground kitty out and give her a treat. Then I got the Gator going so I could make a run around the park. I had noticed that one of the wheel covers on BigTruk had blown off yesterday in a fierce wind so I tried to find it. No luck. In making my rounds I discovered some campers had left bags of garbage in the wrong place so I collected it and headed over to the dumpster.  It was cold and slick. Bunnies ran out and away as I passed. They like to stay under the RVs that are stored in the back of the campground.

I discovered a new 5th wheel had pulled into a spot during the morning. I knocked on his door to let him know he needed to plug in the water riser, or it would freeze. He'll be here awhile. We have about 18 or 19 monthlies here who are working on projects around Denver. Most of them will be gone by spring, just in time for the summer campers.

I'm excited to be starting a course on creativity, "The Artist's Way", led online by my cousin who is a much published author. That will be fun and challenging for me. The course covers many forms of creativity, not just writing. I hope it will give me some inspiration as I learn new piano compositions, and of course I need help making my blog more interesting!

After a quick trip to King Soopers, our nearest supermarket, I stopped along the road where there are prairie dog towns, hoping they'd not scamper into their holes when they saw the car, but they did. I guess I need to sit for an hour to put them at ease. No time for that now.

Home again, I played a few piano pieces, then made another trip over to the office to let Callie the campground kitty back in. It's too cold for her to be out all night, though she could probably join the bunnies, wherever they sleep. Oh no. I forgot, she eats the bunnies!

So passes a quiet day. Mr. Keith is still recuperating from back surgery. In a minute I'm going to serve us up our favorite evening snack, ice cream, put on a Netflix to watch till bedtime. Tomorrow is another "work" day, or, as we workampers like to call it, a "fun" day. What will it hold?


Forry and Char said...

Our oldest daughter wrote her Master's thesis on the alarm behavior of ground squirrel colonies (the prairie dog's cousins). She spent one whole summer sitting on top of a ladder in the middle of their colonies...
Their behavior is fascinating.
Glad you had a quiet day today. Happy New Year to you and Keith!

Charmagne Wood said...

Hello Ann--thank you for accepting my friend request! I saw your post in the Crossroads Community Church Nxtstp ministry. What caught my attention was that you are ful time RVer's and in ministry. My husband Pat and I are ready to do similar beginning March 1st. Our ministry is new and you can read about it at We are new to all of this so I may contact you again with questions:) we will be living in our 34' Airstream Trailer with our Std. Poodle Chloe. Will be heading thru CA, AZ, and on to VA then back thru a Northern route back to Vancouver this summer. We hope to be speaking to churches along the way. Our Son's and wives are here in Vancouver and any minute we will have a granddaughter. So we will summer here closer to them. Nice to meet you! Blessings to you and your husband.
Charmagne Wood