Thursday, August 25, 2011

Our Home for 6 Months

When we first came to the Strasburg Colorado KOA last October the trees were almost bare, and when we left in April they were still bare. So arriving in mid-August this year gave us a better idea of how the area looks when the trees and fields are green. We've had 90+ degree days, though, and have decided we like the cold better! We will be in this spot against the back fence until the end of September when the other workampers leave, and then we'll get our old spot back. We are treated to the constant buzz of cicadas all around us, and we see the bunnies we fed all winter still running around. Or maybe they are descendants of the winter bunnies! I look forward to feeding the birds again, too. In a way it seems we never left, but when I think back over the last few months, a lot has happened.

Our trip north last April included a visit with the Oregon Trail at Scottsbluff Nebraska, a fun stay in Rapid City visiting friends, and a shorter stay in Missoula also seeing former co-workers. We enjoyed our job at a campground in Coeur d'Alene for three months. What a beautiful area north Idaho is! A highlight was getting to see our best friends for 3 days in the Spokane area where they were camping. Our favorite couple of weeks were the ones we spent in Wenatchee visiting with our kids and granddaughters and some old friends from the years we lived there. Wenatchee is where our hearts reside, with loved ones.

Our trip back to Colorado was a good one. We saw lots of beauty. What a gorgeous country we have! We stayed in Baker City Oregon where we saw more Oregon Trail history, then journeyed across southern Idaho to Pocatello for a night. We took a different route from Pocatello to Rock Springs Wyoming, Highway 30, and discovered more Oregon Trail history and some incredibly pretty country. The drive across the bottom of Wyoming can be barren, but there is lots to see there, too, windmills, antelope, incredible rock formations, prairie grass. Our last night was spent in Cheyenne Wyoming, a scant 130 miles from our final destination. It was a long trip, nearly 1300 miles, and we wish we had stayed 2 nights in each place instead of just one. then we could have seen more in each town had we stayed longer. Our trip between jobs is really our vacation.

Well, we start work in another day,  on to meeting more people and having more adventures during our second season in Colorado! Who knows what's in store for us next?

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Forry and Char said...

Six months? That means you will be moving in the end of February? It will still be winter!
Have a wonderful .