Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fun Family Times

 Our reason for returning to the Wenatchee area between jobs is always our loved ones. We made an overnight stop in Ephrata to see my sister and her family. Here 'sis' stands with her pitchfork beside her amazing container garden. She lives in a second floor apartment, but has made a wonderful vegetable and herb garden in a bare spot at the entrance to her building. We were very impressed, especially when we ate a dinner featuring many of the yummy veggies she'd cultivated. She even put nasturtiums and pansies in the salad, and they were good! Sis truly has the greenest of thumbs!

 The Wenatchee River County Park is our favorite place to stay. The beauty of the park is unsurpassed, and we've stayed in lots of RV parks in our travels. Here is Mr. Keith with our granddaughters, taking advantage of some of the park amenities. These 'Tractor" style carts provide lots of fun for the youngsters. Katy chose the red one, and Natalie took the green. Grandpa even had a turn!

The girls did a switcheroo and rode the tandem bike for awhile. It was a hot, hot day. We are thankful for the tall trees in the park.

Finally, to cool down, we waded in the beautiful Wenatchee River, right at the edge of the park. Oh, that felt good! Now, back to the trailer for a fire and roasted hotdogs followed by s'mores! It was a happy day with our granddaughters!

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