Monday, May 16, 2011

Hey, Ma! Look at this!

 It's been raining so much here in north Idaho, Mr. Keith decided to put the awning out so we could keep dry when we open our door. He went around back to take the step ladder off where we have it bungie-corded to our RV ladder. This is what he found! Hey, Ma! Look at this! He very carefully put it back so Mama Robin could sit on her eggs once again. It looks like the nest has a nice roof over it to protect it from the rain.

 Our 5th wheel sits right up against the forest in the back of our space. Mama Robin must have thought this looked like the ideal sheltered place to set up housekeeping and baby raising. We had no idea what was going on out there! I'll be sneaking around the back occasionally to have a peek. I imagine we'll be able to hear the peeping from inside if we listen carefully.

On a more serious note — Lake Coeur d'Alene is predicted to rise about 5 feet or more above its normal level, and has already risen half that. This is the view from our campground office, looking down on the tent sites. (Click to enlarge.) The water has covered more than half the sites and will reach nearly to the road that you can see in the photo, just beyond the flower boxes. We're told that doesn't happen very often. The last time was 2008. It's that rain, combined with warmer days melting the snow in the mountains too quickly for it to be absorbed. We look at the geese and ducks swimming around down there, some with babies. They at least are having a good time!


Forry and Char said...

Wow! That's hard to imagine. I hope it doesn't do much damage.

Gail Durham said...

We have had some flooding here at our campground in Maryland. The ducks like it~~~~