Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Daring Deed!

 Our anxiously awaited first opportunity to visit the family in Wenatchee finally came. The weather was perfect, and we had 2 days to see the kids and the Valley after a year away. This is Saddle Rock, probably the most notable landmark in the Wenatchee Valley, and seen at the most beautiful time of year, spring-time!

 We've been so excited for our 10 year old granddaughter ever since we learned she had joined the Wenatchee Youth Circus. It's doubtful we can attend an actual performance because of our work schedule, but we did get to go to the practice. There is Natalie, up 30 feet in the air, walking the tight wire for her 3rd or 4th time! We held our collective breaths, amazed at what we were seeing! She showed no fear, did not waver, and made it safely from one end to the other.
(Click to enlarge for a better look.)

 This looked even scarier! The two young men above are seasoned walkers, and had coached Natalie well. Her life was in their hands, and on their shoulders!

 Ta Dah! Half-way there! And they made it!

 Back down to earth, here is Grannie admiring one of daughter Betsy's backyard chickens.

 And daughter Jessi, with her best friend's son Jakey.

Katy, 13, wouldn't pose for us, so this is the best I could do. She and mom are checking out the camera. I tried to get my son in a photo but that didn't work out. We got to enjoy the whole family at dinnertime, a yummy hotdog barbecue on Betsy's newly decorated patio. We had a wonderful visit with our family in Wenatchee, hopefully to be repeated a few more times this summer.

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Forry and Char said...

Family time is a blessing, especially when U FT!